Taking your concept

and making it a reality.

What we do

At Concept Machine & Design, we strive to be the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of labeling/decorating equipment. We specialize in “heat transfer” label application technology.

Our goal is to to manufacture equipment that offers a lifetime of quality that generates the fastest speed possible with the most accurate label placement. The innovations found in our heat transfer process have put us on the cutting edge in photo quality labeling technology.

Our Philosophy

Being one of the leaders in the labeling market not only means we offer excellent quality but also offer the whole range of front end consultative partner skills and being a reliable service provider. Combining these qualities requires a maximum of creativity and technology and we strive to meet these challenges every day.

Our Focus. The Customer.

The labeling requests of our customers and their satisfaction are the top priority for us. In times of constant competition, “exceptional” product designs and the economic implementation become more and more important. We meet these requirements with our personal commitment and our innovative labeling machines – for all ranges of capacity.

Our Point of View. Perfection.

Our custom designed labeling machines comply with the highest engineering tradition Made in USA. Starting with the customer-specific design, the choice of high-quality and long-lasting materials, quality-tested production and seamless after-sales service, each Concept Machine and Design labeling machine provides for perfect functionality for many years to come.

Our Goal. Partnership.

Trust, reliability and our know-how form the basis of our business relationship with our customer, as well as with employees and suppliers. Due to the quality and the future-proof expansion possibilities of our labeling machines and our market knowledge