TD1000 Decorator

The TD1000 Decorator is the primary component of a unique Heat Transfer Labeling System ( Therimage tm ) pioneered by Avery Dennison in the late 1950’s , since purchased by Concept Machine and Design Inc., for both plastic and glass containers by which a film – thin image becomes part of the container. The image is preprinted in reverse using roto gravure printing technologies which is one of the finest methods of printing, capable of photograph quality graphics. Images are reverse printed on a continuous paper web with a special release agent. The web is passed over a preheater then a transfer platen that heats the web to soften the release agent then activates the adhesive.

The TD1000 matches web velocity to container surface velocity, a heated rubber transfer roller causes the now activated image to come in contact with the container. The heated roller maintains web to container contact throughout the label application thus transfers the image to a “read right” direction. TD1000’s are equipped with ER10 electronic registration systems which uses pre printed registration marks to align the label to the container.

To allow for a permanent bond it may be necessary to prepare the container surface by preheating or preflaming. After label application, post curing or post flaming may also be necessary depending on container material and label chemistry. The TD1000 Decorator is capable of labeling round, oval, square, flat or conical containers up to 150 containers per minute. Maximum speed is dependent upon size, shape and container stability. Speed is determined during design stages of a container handling device which is referred to as a TURRET. Turrets are custom designed and fabricated specifically for every container. In some cases, change part kits can be designed to install in existing turrets which accommodate several different containers sizes to minimize cost.